Pastor Lokkei Law Sharing: Psalm 112 (July 17, 2014)

Blessed is the man who fears the LORD, who finds great delight in his commands.  Do I fear the LORD?  Do I find delight in God’s commands?  

I reflected upon the relationship with my earthly father.  I have lots of respect and admiration for him as he is a good role model.  I find delight in applying the commands and instructions in life.  The principles and commands he taught me when I was a child holds firmly today.  For example, he commands me not to smoke.  I cannot stand the presence of second hand smoke.  When peer pressure came and ask me to smoke a joint with them, I don’t have to second guess and I am stand firm easily.   

When it comes to my personal relationship with God, would I have the fear and respect I have for my earthly father?   Do I delight in following God’s commands knowing it is for my own good?

I further reflect more on this passage.  The Psalm describes a picture of what happens to a righteous man: mighty children, light and hope even in dark times, prosperous, generous, never be shaken, no need to fear for bad news…  It is a picture I see in women and men who fears the LORD.  Personally, I see God’s blessings in so many areas of my life.  

How about the tough times?  I also see righteous men and women suffer physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  There were times in my life when things are going badly that I question why is God allowing it to happen.  The righteous man will have no fear of bad news.  Whatever life situations come, God is in control.  Like the blind man that was healed by Jesus, when the disciples asked who sinned, himself or the parents?  Jesus said, “Neither…  this happens so that the work of God might be displayed in his life.”  

Today, I see some suffering in the lives of brothers and sisters.  Some are battling cancer, some are searching for meaning work, some are getting burned out from work, some are having a rough time in the family, some are lonely and desperate for friendship…  I pray that we all pray and support one another so that we all can be like the righteous person in Psalms 112 for the glory of God.

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