Pastor’s Corner: Rev. Fanco Chan, April 2010

Pastor’s Corner Rev.  Chan        April 2010

Lena and I celebrated our 20th anniversary with a trip to Las Vegas on April.    It was wonderful to re-visit a place where we went long time ago, not to mention the precious moments for two of us to spend a few days together! However, we couldn’t help thinking about our sons all the time.  I spent time daily writing emails to them, while Lena thought about their needs all the time she shopped. Continue reading Pastor’s Corner: Rev. Fanco Chan, April 2010

牧者心聲 陳訓民牧師 2010年4月

牧者心聲 陳牧師 2010年4月

四月初與太太到美國賭城慶祝結婚廿週年,好不容易可以放下工作及家庭與太太共渡數日,又可以故地重遊,實在是賞心樂事。有趣的是人雖在外,但心裡無法忘記遠方的兒子,自己會每天都藉電郵與三子聯絡,太太則在購物時必先想三子的需要。當想到將來有朝一日空巢時,便要適應只有對方的生活,或許要找多些機會及借口,二人多些獨處才是,也可以此為借口,要三子多做一點家務,讓兩老可以去拍拖;我倆少一點家務,三子可以無王管,各得其所! Continue reading 牧者心聲 陳訓民牧師 2010年4月